About Me

Credits: Kieran O’Niel, one of our facilitators at Liger.

Well hello there, reader! Welcome to my blog where I will update you with most of the things I do at my school. As given by the title of this website, my name is Panharith Pov, but my friends call me Pan and I am currently a 15-year-old junior student at Liger Leadership Academy. I grew up in Phnom Penh and have lived there ever since. My interests in life lie mostly in arts and I use them to express myself. I have three ways of expressing myself; writing, music, and photography.

Writing was one of those things I’d never thought I’d enjoy doing. As a matter of fact, I used to hate it. But since I started writing, it sort of made me like it. Sometimes, I write however I’m feeling and what’s currently happening in life whether it’s bad or good. I find expressing or writing out your anger and feelings very rewarding in terms of relieving stress. I love writing about things that are imagined or fictional and I do it whenever I’m inspired which is not very often. When I’m inspired, I sometimes use my imagination and come up with my own ideas to write about. My inspirations tend to come from movies, drawings, mythology, music, and books. And as I said, they are all fictional. Although I like writing, I don’t actually write very long texts for fun in my own time. The length of my writings when I feel like writing for fun range from 2 – 7 sentences. So I enjoy expressing myself by writing sometimes.

Photography wasn’t really a part of me in the past; It just appeared out of nowhere. I don’t even remember how I started taking photos or loving photography so much. It started a few years ago, I guess. I’ve always been fond of looking at other people’s photographs which I think was what made me start taking photos and loving it. Currently, I take photos using my phone because I don’t have an actual camera, but the phone’s camera is actually good. I sometimes edit my photos to match my mood which is how I express myself through it. I’m hoping to get my very own camera soon and take more photos.

Music has always been a part of me and my everyday life since I first discovered it. It’s just one of the best things in life. You listen to it all the time, when you’re down, when you’re in a tough time, when you’re doing something, when you’re feeling good, so on and so forth. Back then as a kid, I would just listen to pop, but as I grew older, the genre of music just didn’t seem to match my mood, relieve stress nor relax me at most times. So I tried listening to other genres of music. Now I listen to a tremendous amount of lo-fi mainly because it helps me get work done faster and also because it’s relaxing. Since music helps me a lot in my everyday life, I decided to learn how to make some myself so that I can express myself through it. I’ve been learning the guitar for over 2 years and the piano and ukulele for a few months. I’m also playing around with two music-producing programs which are GarageBand and FL studio. I hope to get more familiar with these programs and possibly using them to make my own music.

Thank you for visiting my blog and if you want more, you can come back here every month to get updated with all the things I do here at my lovely school. I hope to see you here soon!

Fun fact: If you have read about or visited Liger in the past, you might’ve met another senior with the same name as mine, but it’s easy to distinguish us from each other because we’re in different cohorts and we look different.